Getting Back on Track by Nat

Posted on July 7, 2020

Have you ever fallen so off track you feel like you’ve completely lost your way? Yeah? Me too. I’ll be the first to hold my hand up and say lockdown picked me up, threw me about a mile off my path and left me there.

With businesses starting to slowly open again, Getting back on track can seem like one of the hardest things on the world, and because the thought is so daunting, sometimes people give up before even trying. But the honest truth is the only thing that can get you back on track is yourself. Your dedication, your determination and your sheer willpower to get there…those and the tips I’m about to give you here.

1) Don’t beat yourself up

Falling of track is common, we all do it, but there is no use in beating yourself up over it. Why? Because you’ll damage your mental health. Negative self talk = self destruction. And lets face it, beating yourself up wont change the fact it’s happened. Once you make the decision to get back on track, don’t dwell on all your behaviour before that moment. Look forward and focus on your behaviour from there.

2) Start small

Please, please, please don’t start by saying ‘okay, I’m going to workout 6 days a week, get 10,000 steps in a day, cut my carbs and cut down on my food... all at once’. Listen to me when I say that is literally the worst thing you can do. You’ll find you burn out within days, your body will protest and bam, you feel like you need to stop and before you know you’re back to square one. Take one small goal and work on that for a week, it could be your nutrition, or workouts, then the following week add another goal and build each week. Small steps to victory!

3) Hold yourself accountable

It could be writing a journal every evening, having a food diary, planning, setting goals with a group of friends…having something that keeps you accountable is an amazing tool to help you value what it is you’re doing, boosts your confidence and can increase productivity.

4) Just start

When you fall off track, its incredibly easy to maintain that routine and behaviour. It’s a vicious cycle. The trick to doing something, is to just get started on something that will get you one step closer to your goal. Once you do something, you tend to find you feel less negative about it than you were avoiding doing it. It sounds so simple, and I know its not as easy, but just starting is key.

5) Remember its never too late

‘No matter how far you’ve gone down the wrong road, it’s never too late to turn around’.

Changing your behaviour takes time, patience and consistency. But know you ARE capable of all of those things. Learn what you can from your current setback and move forward. Be prepared for slip ups along the way but realize its not going to affect anything for you. Your health, fitness and wellbeing should be a lifestyle, a marathon not a sprint. Sustainability should be a key focus along the way. It is never too late the change anything you want in life.

If your health and fitness has really been affected by lockdown, know this…we are here to help you. We are a team WVActivers, and we will do this together.

Stay safe,

Health and Fitness Instructor
WV Active Bilston – Bert Williams