Coronavirus (Covid-19) information for WV Active Customers

coronavirus information

We are aiming to keep customers as informed as possible about how WV Active centres are affected by the breakout of Covid-19. The below FAQs cover questions we are being asked about membership, swimming lessons and other bookings. This page will be updated regularly so please check back when possible. Any urgent or important changes will be communicated to members.

As you may be aware we are experiencing a high number of calls and emails. There may be a delay in receiving a response to any queries you may have, but please be assured that we will be responding all enquires as soon as possible.

1. How long will centres remain closed following the outbreak of Covid-19?

All of our centres closed at 12pm on Friday 20 March. We are currently following government guidance and will remain closed until new guidance states otherwise.

1. Will my Direct Debit payments be taken while WV Active centres are closed?

No. Direct Debit payments will not be taken whilst our centres are closed. All members who have not cancelled or frozen their membership will automatically have their membership frozen from Friday 20 March 2020. You do not need to contact us or do anything to freeze your membership, it will be done automatically.

2. Will I get a refund if I chose not to attend WV Active in March 2020 whilst it was open?

No. If members have chosen not to attend WV Active whilst centres have been open in March, they will not receive a refund.

3. Will you have any online workouts available whilst the centres are closed?

Yes. We will have a free online workouts page. We will be updated this regularly.

1. Will my child’s swimming lessons be frozen whilst the centres are closed?

Yes. All swimming lessons will automatically be frozen whilst the centres are closed. You do not need to do anything or contact us to freeze you child’s lessons, it will be done automatically.

2. Will my child still have a place when they return to their lessons?

Yes. Your child’s place will still be available for when lessons resume.

1. I have a block booking. What happens to this whilst WV Active Centres close?

If you have a block booking your bookings will be moved forward to when the centres are reopen.

2. I have booked Easter Holidays activities for my children – what happens to my booking?

If you have booked and paid for Easter Holidays activities at our centres, these bookings will be carried over to the next school holiday break when we are open.